Echo Dot (3rd Gen)Smart speaker | Best Gift for Friends

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  • Fabric design
  • Louder sound
  • Voice control 
  • Smart home 
  • Hands-free
  • Alexa skills
  • 4 Microphones

Smart technology makes our daily life more intelligent and more enjoyable. One of the additions to this smart technology in our family is the smart speaker.

Instead of traditional speakers, they take a small space in your home or office. The sound quality is superior to that of any other conventional speaker. Today’s smart speakers aren’t just speakers; Instead, they use it to make a lot of smart home or formal conversation with Alexa.

There are several types of smart speakers in the market with various useful functions. But if you want to buy the best with new features and benefits, you can go for ECHO DOT (3rd Generation) from Amazon.


The Echo Dot 3 comes with rounded edges of the top and bottom surfaces; it looks a lot more reliable than the previous two models due to round edges. The material around the outer edge gives it a fresher look and a unique feel. It is available in three colors: anthracite, melange, gray, and sandstone, allowing you to match it with your decor. At the top of the outer edge, you can see the ring of blue light that looks like other Alexa-powered devices. 

Simplicity has always been the cornerstone of Amazon’s design philosophy, and the Amazon Echo Dot 3 does the same. The smart speaker’s top features a simple 4-button design that allows you to adjust the volume up and down, mute the microphone, and summon the powerful Alexa. Also, there are four microphones placed on the outside of each button.


It comes with new design advanced speakers that provide superior quality sound. Rather than plastic caps like the previous model, the sound is presented from the fabric aspects with more noise projected from room to room, making it better for music.

The quality of the speakers has also improved. It won’t beat the larger speakers, but for the price, it looks fantastic with Google’s home mini-stream. The mid-layers are chunky, the heels are relatively pointy, and while there’s no need to talk about it, the new dot sounds relatively round for a smaller speaker.

Features and Benefits:

  • Alexa voice controller:This smart speaker that uses Alexa can only play with your voice. This means that the use of hands is not necessary for this device.
  • Smart home assistant:This Amazon speaker can drive a car or even call a car through Uber; you can order any product from Amazon. You can easily control other smart home devices. This speaker will remind you when you can teach your child and even listen to music on your own.
  • Fabulous music player:It is a fantastic music player to play your favorite music. This device can play music from different music stores such as Amazon, Apple, Pandora, etc.
  • Room controller:This smart speaker can turn off indoor lights, fans, air conditioners, etc. You can also lock or unlock your room. The smart speaker can sense the ambient temperature and activate the signal transmission.

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  • 50000 + skills
  • Hand-free
  • A2DP supporter
  • Unique Design
  • Nothing

Specification: Echo Dot (3rd Gen)Smart speaker | Best Gift for Friends


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Echo Dot (3rd Gen)Smart speaker | Best Gift for Friends
Echo Dot (3rd Gen)Smart speaker | Best Gift for Friends
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